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The Services and the System

Photo by Hardy Jackson
Photo By Hardy Jackson
What Consulting Services Does Tecomate Offer?

To effectively share our knowledge with clients requires that we spend time with them on their properties. Each property is unique in its conditions, variables, and potential. To recognize and enhance those features requires that our experts closely observe and analyze each project before making recommendations. The following options for on-site consultation are available:


Spend a full day (8 – 10 hours) on your property with a Tecomate Wildlife Biologist. They will analyze all available data such as aerial photos, maps, harvest data, trail camera photos, food plot pictures, soil samples, etc. before hitting the field where they will look at as much of the property if not all in the time aloud. For all relative management topics - whether it is food plots, habitat management, hunting stands, supplemental feeding, equipment, or others that are observed and discussed during the tour, our experts will share with you how to improve or install each feature and establish an overall Tecomate management system.

Quarterly Consultation:
This service option is for the truly serious wildlife manager and recommended for large properties, commercial hunting operations, properties with full time management staff, and properties managing for multiple forms of hunting and outdoor recreation. Four on site visits will be conducted as needed during the year on your property with a Tecomate Biologist. A commitment to four full day consultations in a year will result in signifigant savings over the standard full day rate.


Communication - Our experts will be available to “Active” clients before and after the visit by phone and e-mail.

Product Sales Incentives: Active consulting clients can purchase the Tecomate Seed Managers Line (ML) of products from at reduced prices offered only to clients and friends and family of Tecomate Consulting. Our experts will recommend specific Manager Line varieties and blends suited to the client’s project and provide exact planting recommendations.


GIS/GPS Mapping and Aerial Photography – For additional fees our experts can create for clients a very detailed ArcView mapping system for your property identifying food plots, timber types, stand locations, and dozens of other relative features. Acreages and linear distances for relative features can be very accurately determined using this mapping software. These maps can be provided to clients in a high resolution PDF format.

Implementation – Any activity requiring hands on assistance by a Tecomate Biologist such as harvest data processing, trail camera installation and data processing, herd and harvest management, operating equipment, or any other activities will be billed for separately from the service fees.

Tecomate - Consulting and Food Plot ServicesWhat is the Tecomate System?
The Tecomate System of Trophy Whitetail Management revolves around nutrition. High quality food plots are a far superior food source than native browse or supplemental feed. A HIGH QUALITY and YEAR ROUND food plot program can produce significant and relatively rapid improvements on herd density, herd health, and individual trophy characteristics.

A common strategy in the Wildlife Management Industry for improving herd health is to greatly reduce herd numbers taking the population down well below the carrying capacity of a property. With this system of management food plots are often used only for attraction to facilitate an aggressive harvest strategy. The simple fact is that this strategy holds a major flaw for us here at Tecomate because less deer means less deer to hunt and less mature bucks in the herd to encounter. What's better than having a handful of mature and difficult to hunt trophy bucks on your property? How about dozens of them with even better trophy qualities than the smaller number of mature bucks you would have under traditional management strategies. Another problem often encountered with a drastic herd reduction strategy is that it is often impossible for many landowners to achieve an adequate harvest, significantly reduce herd numbers, and maintain that population level through on-going aggressive harvest. The Tecomate System does require proper herd management and maintaining sound herd dynamics such as sex ratio, recruitment rate, and buck age structure; however, with the Tecomate System there is a major difference in correcting and adjusting herd dynamics and reducing overall herd numbers. Tecomate knows the secret to having MORE and BETTER DEER.

If you think this is all just a marketing ploy let me share with you some very real numbers from David Morris’s El Cazador Ranch (ECR) in South Texas:

  • Managing 8.3% of the land base in high quality food plots
  • Holds 1 deer per 3 Acres on 3000 Acres…That is 1000 deer!
  • With a sex ratio of 1 buck per .85 does that is more than 500 bucks on this property
  • With better than 40% of the buck herd being mature that is 250 mature (4.5+) bucks
  • These deer on average outweigh deer from neighboring herds by 20 – 30lbs./Age Class and the bucks out score them by 20” – 30”/Age class using the Boone & Crocket Scoring System

    It doesn't just happen in south Texas at El Calzador or the Tecomate Ranch. Similar results are being realized at Jeff Foxworthy’s farm in GA and on numerous properties under the Tecomate System and under the guidance of Tecomate Consulting.

    So we know our Whitetails; I think that is obvious. What about other forms of game management and better yet managing other game populations at high levels of quality and quantity within the Tecomate Deer Management System? This we can also show you how to do and it is being done very successfully by many of our clients. Our clients are managing trophy whitetails along with wild and released quail, dove, turkey, waterfowl, and even non-game wildlife. The magic is in the integration of the management systems and maximizing each within an overall, year-round strategy.

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