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Monday, March 31, 2014
My 2013 Tennessee Turkey Tales


Gobbler #1 March 30
My Tennessee turkey season started off this year in McNairy County near Selmer. Nothing was going to stop me from missing the Volunteer state’s season opener. Not even the 1.5 hour early morning trip I had to make through the rain and very dense fog could deter me. For the past 2 weeks or so Mr. Latch, the land owner, had been watching turkeys on his place and in the agricultural fields that bordered his property. “There are more turkeys around here than I’ve ever seen,” said Latch. This had me full of excitement even as I stood in the light rain and thick fog awaiting the day’s first gobble. I had my doubts in hearing any gobbles early that morning, but at around 6:20 a bird fired off up a wood line that separated 2 big fields. I knew exactly where the bird was so I quickly made my way to the field I hoped he would fly down in. As I positioned myself in a small clump of sweetgums I was amazed how much fog had filled the cut corn field. While I was awaiting the bird’s next gobble, I quickly caught movement about 150 yards straight out in front of me. It was a group of deer feeding in the field.

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Posted by Mark Newell on 03/31 at 10:48 AM
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