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Monday, April 03, 2017
Management Goals & Possibilities - Tip 3

Tip 3: A caution. While management does require some disciple and restraint on the trigger finger, be careful NOT to let overly strict harvest rules take the fun out of hunting, especially for the young or inexperienced. Remember, any deer a hunter is proud of is a “TROPHY” to that person! Keep hunting fun and easy for beginners. The future of hunting, indeed the future of wildlife, depends on the participation of the younger generation in hunting and on us helping them grow in their love, knowledge and appreciation of the outdoors.

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Posted by David Morris on 04/03 at 08:55 AM
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It is God who arms me with strength

by Jordan Shipley
Psalm 18:32-35
32 It is God who arms me with strength
and keeps my way secure.
33 He makes my feet like the feet of a deer;
He causes me to stand on the heights.
34 He trains my hands for battle;
my arms can bend a bow of bronze.
35 You make your saving help my shield,
and your right hand sustains me;
your help has made me great.

I found this passage both encouraging and humbling today. Sometimes, as a man, I can easily let myself start thinking I have to figure it all out myself, or “get it done” in my own power. When I find myself headed down that path or thought pattern, I typically beat my head against the wall working and striving and often to no avail. Deep down I know the times when things seem to be rolling are typically when I’m spending time seeking and consulting the Lord, asking His help and guidance in whatever I’m doing and letting Him control the outcomes. He is our teacher, He is our trainer, He is the one who “arms me with strength, and keeps my way secure”. When we strive or rely to heavily on our own power or our own understanding we can waste a lot of time and effort because we’re stubborn (especially me), and we want to think we are powerful and strong and that we can make ourselves great. It’s a humbling thing to realize He is our shield, it is his right hand that sustains us, He trains our hands for battle, it is HIS help can make us great – but it is true. I love how David, literally a King, views the Lord’s involvement in his life and his dependence on him, although as men, dependence does not come natural to us.

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Posted by Tecomate Wildlife Systems on 04/03 at 08:32 AM
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Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Management Goals & Possibilities - Tip 2

Tip 2: How much can management improve a deer herd? A bunch! In serious nutritional programs, particularly those built around year-round food plots, we’ve seen deer numbers increase by two or threefold and the average mature buck add as much as 40 pounds and 20 inches of antler! That’s results! And, we’ve seen such results throughout the country…often on tracts once thought to be too small to manage. Tecomate is working closely with managers across the country and seeing management successes considered impossible a few years ago… while protecting the quality of the natural habitat and fair chase, both essential concerns for true sportsmen. What’s possible for YOU depends on your land, resources and commitment, but regardless of your situation, management CAN improve your hunting success and increase your outdoor enjoyment!

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Posted by David Morris on 03/28 at 12:04 PM
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Monday, March 27, 2017
Live and Love Every Minute

James 4:14 – “Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.”

As a TV show host, I am privileged to hunt a lot, often from September to February. While season is underway, it seems to go on and on, almost without end. Then suddenly, it’s over, leaving me amazed how brief the season seems looking back. As I get older, I am increasingly seeing life the same way – incredibly brief!

Two days ago, this was driven home to me in the most profound way when I lost my beloved brother, Flynn, to cancer. As our family gathered to see him Home to be with his Savior Jesus, the common theme was “so little time, so much undone.” Words like “I wish I had spent more time with him” and “if only I had told him more often I loved him” reflected the realization of the precious value of time and the briefness of life.

God was gracious to my family. He allowed us two “good” days with Flynn to tell him the things we should have said all through the years. Still, there were regrets about what we didn’t get to do together. I came away with the words of James echoing in my head, “You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.” Life is short. Live and love and let your love be known!

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Posted by David Morris on 03/27 at 11:55 AM
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Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Management Goals & Possibilities - Tip 1

Can management really improve your hunting? Yes…and like a well-stocked cafeteria, there’s something in it for everyone!

Tip 1: At one end of the management spectrum are the simple things, like holding off on young bucks or shooting does to keep numbers down or growing a small food plot on the “Back 40” just to attract deer. At the other extreme are intensive programs aimed at growing more and bigger bucks – programs that may include something like aggressive doe shooting, culling, predator control, strict buck harvest rules and an ambitious nutritional program aimed at vastly improving the food supply through natural habitat improvement, food plots and/or supplemental feeding. Between these extremes lies a full menu of management options, one of which will suit YOUR needs perfectly.

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Posted by David Morris on 03/21 at 12:03 PM
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Monday, March 20, 2017
Open Season

Here in Mississippi turkey season has just opened. This is my favorite time of the year and you can bet that I will be wide open chasing turkeys till the season ends. However, no matter what game animal you enjoy hunting; they all must be hunted during a specific season. Spring turkey season across the nation is typically set during the months of March, April, and May. Whitetail deer season typically runs somewhere between September and January. Each state agency’s are responsible for setting the seasons for each game animal that is available to hunt. The seasons may be set, but that does mean that the hunting will go smoothly. During the course of the season, we will have good times as well as bad times. Sometimes it seems we have move bad than good. It’s all part of hunting.

II Timothy 4:2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.

In this text, Paul writes to Timothy encouraging him to spread God’s precious Word when times are good and when times are bad. He is telling him to scatter the Living Seed both: when conditions are delightful & when they are dreary, when circumstances are pleasant & when they are painful, when challenges are favorable & when they are failing, when confrontations are harmless & when they are harmful you are to share the Good News. For the Christian it is Open Season on spreading the Gospel. There are no seasons, no limits, no specific hours, and no restrictions of any kind in telling the world about Jesus! Don’t look at proclaiming the Gospel as an obligated duty, which it is; however look at it as a privileged delight. We as hunters have a great privilege in our hunting heritage, in which we find great pleasure in. As Christians we should view spreading the Gospel in the same way.

Do you know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior today? He is the Messiah who came down from heaven as 100% God and 100% human. He came to live among us and die for us. He died on Calvary’s cross, was buried in a borrowed grave, and after three days arose from that grave. He is Alive friends and wants to live in you! You were born into this world a sinner and it is only though Jesus that you can be saved! If Jesus is calling unto your heart today please say “Yes!” to Him today.

Christians it is Open Season on sowing God’s precious seed into the world today. There are no bounds to limit our privileged pleasurable pursuit in proclaiming the Gospel and testifying to His Glory. We are to be proudly open about our belief in the Lord, our stand for what the Bible says, and always be ready to publically make known these facts. The world is in desperate need of saving grace today, regardless if they admit to it or not. It is up to us to tell them about the One who can only give them that gift of saving grace. His name is Jesus! Proclaim His wonderful name today!

God Bless and Happy Hunting.

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Posted by Mark Newell on 03/20 at 08:17 AM
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Monday, March 13, 2017
In Good Hands

Colossians 1:17: “He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.”

Daylight was still an hour away. The air was cold and clear and the stars were shining brightly. They’re going to come to horns this morning, I thought. I checked the wind direction and then moved slowly down the edge of the clearing to better my downwind visibility. Suddenly, an unusually bright shooting star streaked across the predawn sky. Wow, that’s was a big chunk of space rock. My mind jumped to dinosaurs…yes, dinosaurs. Being a dinosaur nut, I couldn’t help but think of the miles wide asteroid scientists say struck earth some 65 million years ago, wiping out the great beasts. In the chill morning I thought, what’s to keep that from happening again?

The answer flooded my wandering mind – and it wasn’t a “what”, it was a WHO! The person of JESUS CHRIST! As the Bible says, “He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” And, “All things came into being by Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being.”

On that frosty Nebraska morning, I took comfort that this incredibly fragile world need not worry. It is in Good Hands! Lord Jesus is still on the job and has power and authority over all. As the eastern sky brightened, I gave thanks to God and set up to rattle on another beautiful day in His creation.

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Posted by David Morris on 03/13 at 08:28 AM
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Monday, March 06, 2017
A Friend in High Places

John 15:15: “No longer do I call you slaves…I have called you friends…”

The call came too late at night. I knew before answering that bad news awaited. A somber voice confirmed my fears, “David, I have sad news. Carroll passed away yesterday.” My mind reeled. Carroll has a dear friend, business partner, companion of many hunts, renowned neuro-surgeon, and one of the most accomplished outdoorsmen I had ever known. He was a famed worldwide hunter, the first Safari Club president, author of the Endangered Species Act (yes, it was written by hunters before its purpose was perverted), founder of North Carolina’s “Dixie Deer Classic”, the grandfather of all deer shows, to name but a few of his many outdoor accomplishments.

As my I thought of the many things that could be written about Carroll’s life, my mind jumped to my own epitaph. How would I want to be remembered? “David was a great hunter?” “He was an expert deer manager?” “He was an accomplished writer?” “He published fine magazines and books?” “He was a good TV show host?” No, none of those things! Suddenly, what I had done in life didn’t seem that important. What really mattered came into sharp focus – relationships…with my wife and family, my friends, the people I met along life’s way. Then, I thought about the relationship important above all others…the one upon which I hoped all my other relationships would be grounded. I knew I could aspire to nothing greater than the simple epitaph, “He was a friend of Jesus.”

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Posted by David Morris on 03/06 at 07:46 AM
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