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Rut Report

Follow along as the Tecomate Pro-Staffers give you rut reports, deer movement and notes from the field in Tecomate's Rut Report.

Monday, August 27, 2012
Tecomate Rut Report Week #2 - South and Central FL -  8/27/2012

Tecomate Pro Staffer David Shashy – South & Central Florida
Late July and early August have truly been our 2012 dog days of summer in Gator Country.  It’s a sauna down here, with recurrent thunder storms and blistering heat. If you are seeing deer in mid-August in Central Florida during daylight hours you are fortunate and likely mosquito mauled as well. While cruising the country roads near my home in Ocala Florida I recently spotted three bachelor buck groups in areas separated by miles. Bucks here in Central Florida seem mostly interested in something good to eat and a secure shady spot to rest during the sultry daylight hours. And so far only does and one yearling buck are visiting the Reconyx trail camera that I monitor bi-weekly. During the 2011 open deer season, from pre-rut in September through post rut in January, there were at least 10 different bucks frequenting this site regularly. None of the bucks from last season have shown up yet.

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Posted by David Shashy on 08/27 at 08:02 AM
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Tecomate Rut Report Week #2- MD -  8/27/2012

Tecomate Consultant Mali Vujanic – MD

Say goodbye to those predictable nightly glassing’s from the pickup truck-because things are about to change!  As September arrives here in the North East, bucks are beginning the transition from summer buddies to territorial archenemies. Velvet will shed very soon and with that comes the beginning of rubbing and scraping.  Bachelor groups are still together but that’s about to change as well, as cooler temperatures give way to Autumn.  Food sources are changing right now too and as acorns begin to fall, these will become the primary food source while they last and will trump everything around.  This is a tuff time to pattern mature bucks (4+ year old) but if you find the white oak acorns, there you will find the highest concentration of deer.  You can hang your Reconyx trail cameras on acorn flats until you find the bucks.  Then you can hone the camera direction and locate the popular trails leading to and from the food source. Remember that every time you step into the woods you let the deer know you have been there.  Just because hunting season is not open does NOT mean you can’t bump your bucks to the neighbors!  Use cover scent and only check your cameras just before noon.  Remember, you are hunting for mature bucks and as we creep slowly towards the Big Show, you want to keep your intrusion to a minimum.

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Posted by Mali Vujanic on 08/27 at 08:02 AM
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Tecomate Rut Report Week #2 - IA -  8/27/2012

Dr. Mickey W. Hellickson - IA
Avid trophy deer hunters are already moving fast in the Midwest in anticipation of the 2012-13 deer hunting season.  My wife Noemi and I spent the first week of August at our farm in southern Iowa making stand adjustments, installing new stands, placing Reconyx trail cameras, and finalizing the 2012 fall food plot plans.

We hung half a dozen new stands and visited every existing stand to make adjustments and trim shooting lanes.  We also prepped 23 trail camera sites by mowing each site and installing two camera site identification signs.  Each site was then pre-baited with a bucket of corn.  The following day we hung all of the Reconyx cameras.  The day of our departure back to Texas we re-visited each camera site to make sure everything was working properly.  We can hardly wait to start reviewing trail camera images!
During our Iowa trip we visited each of the 20 food plot sites to make sure each plot was ready for planting.  All of these plots were mowed during spring, sprayed with a generic variety of Round-Up after they greened up, prescribe burned, and then disked to create an ideal seed bed and to bank moisture for this fall.  Each site was then spot-sprayed or mowed and disked as needed during the summer.

The day after our departure, our large order of Tecomate seed arrived, including 30 acres worth of Max Attract, Ultra Forage, Monster Mix, and Alfa Feast.  All of these seeds will be planted with our Plotmaster later this month.  I can hardly wait until early November to start bow hunting over these plots!  I have no doubt these will be our best food plots ever on our Iowa properties.

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Posted by Dr. Mickey W. Hellickson on 08/27 at 08:00 AM
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Tecomate Rut Report Week #2 - South TX -  8/27/2012

Dr. Mickey W. Hellickson - TX

It’s hard to believe deer season is just around the corner already!  I have been busy scheduling fall helicopter surveys and making final, summertime ranch visits.  The south Texas deer season on ranches enrolled in TPWD’s Managed Lands Deer Permit program opens on Saturday, September 29th… only 5 weeks away!  This is the same date that the Texas-wide bow season opens as well.  Obviously, it’s time to get the bow out of the bow case and start practicing!
Many of the south Texas landowners I work with have already placed their Reconyx trail cameras out at feeder sites in anticipation of getting photos of monster, velvet-antlered bucks.  One landowner in particular, has already emailed nearly 50 images for me to review of bucks of all age classes.

Due to the high August temperatures, most bucks are only moving during the cooler evening hours and at sunrise and sunset.  South Texas bucks are not only still in velvet, with antler growth around 90% complete, but they are also still in their non-rut bachelor groups so sightings of groups of 6-8 bucks are common.

I’m looking forward to another south Texas deer season!

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Posted by Dr. Mickey W. Hellickson on 08/27 at 07:59 AM
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Monday, August 20, 2012
Tecomate Rut Report Week #1 - MS - 8/20/2012

Tecomate Pro Staffer Mark Newell - MS
My home state of Mississippi has a long time deer hunting heritage that is second to none. Mississippi’s deer population is estimated to be 1.75 million, with hunters harvesting approximately 280,000 deer annually. The Magnolia state offers a very diverse landscape that I like to separate into three different categories. The first is the fertile lands. This land is a rich combination of the delta soil along the mighty Mississippi River and the dark dirt of the black prairie that runs along eastern portions of the state. These areas on average produce the biggest whitetails in the state. The second is the coastal lands. This less fertile ground is found along the Gulf of Mexico and extends northward about 50 miles. The last category is all lands in-between. It’s what I like to call the timber land category, which makes up the biggest portion of the state. Pine tree plantations and scattered hardwoods mostly cover the landscape in these areas.

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Posted by Mark Newell on 08/20 at 11:30 AM
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