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Whitetail Wisdom

Whitetail Wisdom articles and tips from some of the finest Whitetail authorities in the country.

Monday, July 18, 2011
Understanding Deer Talk

I was seven years old, squirrel hunting on my grandfather’s land in north-central Iowa when I heard my first white-tailed deer snort.  I had just entered a small woodlot and was searching the treetops looking for a bushy tail.  All of a sudden I heard a loud snort, startling me and causing me to take a step backwards.  Instinctively, I shouldered my .22 rifle and looked for the source of the strange sound.  I was surprised to see two does staring back at me from the next ridge.  Just as I saw them, they turned, flagged their white tails and bounded up and over the ridge.
Why do white-tailed deer snort and flag their tails?  Do does flag their tails or snort more often than bucks?  Can does identify their fawns by sound alone?  What are the social functions of the different deer vocalizations?  These are just some of the questions scientists have tried to answer in their pursuits toward deciphering the many different vocalizations and forms of communication made by deer.

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Posted by Dr. Mickey W. Hellickson on 07/18 at 01:40 AM
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Friday, July 01, 2011
Why Management?

Hi, I’m David Morris. Are you tired of seeing mostly does and only the occasional buck … and then, he’s a little fellow? Are you interested in seeing more and bigger bucks WHERE YOU HUNT? If the answer is “YES,” then you’re ready for management.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking, I’m a deer hunter; not a deer manager. Well, the truth is: If you hunt deer, you ARE a deer manager. You see, every time you decide to shoot or not to shoot a deer, you’re making a management decision…for the good or for the bad. Management is, after all, anything you do to impact a deer herd – from manipulating native habitat to planting food plots to feeding high-protein pellets to culling inferior bucks to shooting does to hold numbers down. If you want your management decisions to be good ones, you need solid information. In this series, we’re going to try to provide that information…or at least raise the right questions so you can seek out the right answers.

Management is really about ways to change the playing field to improve your hunting lot. What can I do, you ask? My place is small, or I’m on a lease and can only do so much. I don’t have thousands of acres like the big guys do.

Well, no matter what your hunting situation, there are things you can do to put more and bigger bucks in front of you. Whether you own land, lease or hunt by invitation, you can do something to help…thus becoming part of the solution instead of the problem. From just making good decisions on the deer you harvest or simple attraction to all-out herd management or full-blown nutritional programs, you have options that will improve your hunting situation and outdoor enjoyment.

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Posted by David Morris on 07/01 at 03:54 PM
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Herd Management

Tecomate - Consulting and Food Plot Services

Carrying Capacity
The number of individuals of a species that a property and its resources can support.  The carrying capacity for whitetails and other wildlife species can be greatly increased with food plots and proper habitat management

Population modeling
By collecting and analyzing the data from helicopter surveys, trail cameras, hunter observation, and harvest, Tecomate Wildlife Biologists can accurately asses deer herd dynamics including the sex ratio, population density, recruitment rate, and age structure.

Harvest management
Tecomate Wildlife Biologists can help you set the criteria for harvest restrictions and needs in your program. These criteria can relate to the harvest of mature trophy deer, immature bucks, management bucks, and does.

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Posted by David Morris on 07/01 at 10:49 AM
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Tuesday, July 08, 2008
The Evolution of the Skinning Shed

(Originally Published in QDMA, Quality Whitetails)
By Rans Thomas

My first introduction to skinning a deer was in the barn on our family farm when I was a kid. My father attached a blockand-tackle hoist to a foundation beam inside the barn. He would back his pickup truck under the hoist and winch his deer up off the truck. I never shied away from the barn when Dad brought in a deer since, like most kids, I was very intrigued by the process. I had no idea how many hours I would spend under a skinning shed later in my career as a wildlife biologist. Not only have I used skinning sheds, I have looked for ways that hunters and wildlife managers are improving the standard designs of their skinning sheds, ideas that make my task of data-collection easier.

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Posted by Tecomate Wildlife Systems on 07/08 at 02:10 PM
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