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Tecomate Trophy Tips

Tecomate Tips tips and info from some of the finest Whitetail authors in the country. Including David Morris, Gary Schwartz, Mali Vujanic, Blaine Burley, Mickey Hellickson, Duncan Dobie and many others.

Thursday, April 24, 2008
What Is Palatability?

Palatability is a word that describes how much deer like something. In food plots, you want plants with high palatable. After all, the whole idea is to attract deer to the plots and get them to eat whatever is in them. But, high palatability is a mixed blessing. The more palatable a plant is, the harder to establish; the less palatable a plant is, the easier to grow. This is why weeds do so well – the deer aren’t eating them. Unless you understand all this, you can be fooled by what you see after planting a food plot. A lust, pristine food plot may look that way because deer are eating very little of it. Certainly, Tecomate could come up with seeds that could produce tons of great looking biomass but be moderately browsed. But, we believe food plots should be just that – food plots. They should consist of highly palatable plants that deer actually eat with relish.

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Posted by Tecomate Wildlife Systems on 04/24 at 10:16 AM
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Basic Care of Food Plots

It is best to keep food plots free of unwanted plants (weeds & grasses) to maximize forage production.
The use of herbicides is a great tool to alleviate weed problems. First the field should be kept clean to ensure that the unwanted plants are not able to seed out.

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Posted by Cedar Hills on 04/24 at 10:11 AM
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Horns-A-Plenty Testimonials

“As a private wildlife consultant I have used mineral supplements before, but never have I found one that even comes close to yours on content, acceptability and durability when fed uncovered. I will highly recommend HORNS- A-PLENTY to my clients.”

Jay Brown
Professional Wildlife Consultant
Greenwell Springs, LA.

“I feed HORNS-A-PLENTY year around on both of my ranches. We have noted a dramatic increase in the number of kicker points present on the racks, throughout all age classes of my deer, compared to the traditionally clean racks common to this area.”
Jay Timmons
Timmons Ranches
Commercial Hunting Operation
Brownwood, TX.

We have been feeding HORNS-A-PLENTY for two years on Rancho El Mañana and our harvest records indicate a phenomenal increase in antler development on our deer. We are very pleased with your product and regard it an integral part of our management program.”

Abraham Barrera DVM
Wildlife Biologist
Rancho El Mañana
Tamulipas, Mexico

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Posted by Cedar Hills on 04/24 at 10:11 AM
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Protecting Your Investments Of Food Plots

Customarily food plots were only planted in the fall and winter months for attracting and holding deer in an area. It is now becoming a popular practice throughout the United States to plant summer food plots for deer.

The size of these plots range from pipelines to literally hundreds of acres.

Warm season food plots are planted for the most part with high protein legumes such as lablab, cowpeas, clovers and numerous other varieties.

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Posted by Cedar Hills on 04/24 at 10:10 AM
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