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Monday, June 24, 2013
2012 Trophy 8`s of Zapata County South Texas


Tyler Carson, Shaun Harris, and Stan Rogers arrived in Zapata County South Texas mid-December of 2012 at Dr. Gary Schwarz `s Tecomate La Perla Ranch precisely as expected – on time, enthusiastic, and ready to dive into their first South Texas Brush Country whitetail hunting adventure. Gary`s 4600 acre Tecomate La Perla Ranch was a superb venue for this event. The South Texas rut was in full swing and abundant trophy bucks were moving. There was no doubt that many big buck encounters were forthcoming. The trio of seasoned whitetail hunters, Tyler and Shaun from South Georgia and Stan from Oregon, were after La Perla trophy 8`s – mature South Texas basic 8-pointers carrying B & C gross score racks of at least 130 inches and up to 140 inches maximum. Large pivot irrigated food plots had more than sustained the La Perla whitetail herd through yet another brutally dry and hot South Texas spring and summer antler growing season. Late summer and early fall Reconyx trail cam pictures revealed that regardless of the ongoing drought in the region Tecomate La Perla bucks were thriving and growing racks of enormous proportion. Now it was time for two Georgians and one Oregonian to experience South Texas trophy 8 hunting at its finest. There was plenty of action ahead for Tyler, Shaun, and Stan.

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Posted by David Shashy on 06/24 at 12:49 PM
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