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What Is Palatability?
by Tecomate Wildlife Systems

Tecomate - Consulting and Food Plot ServicesPalatability is a word that describes how much deer like something. In food plots, you want plants with high palatable. After all, the whole idea is to attract deer to the plots and get them to eat whatever is in them. But, high palatability is a mixed blessing. The more palatable a plant is, the harder to establish; the less palatable a plant is, the easier to grow. This is why weeds do so well – the deer aren’t eating them. Unless you understand all this, you can be fooled by what you see after planting a food plot. A lust, pristine food plot may look that way because deer are eating very little of it. Certainly, Tecomate could come up with seeds that could produce tons of great looking biomass but be moderately browsed. But, we believe food plots should be just that – food plots. They should consist of highly palatable plants that deer actually eat with relish.

You can count on getting high palatability with Tecomate seeds. Just walk through your plots, and the clipped plants and the obvious feeding pressure will verify that for you. So, if deer are hammering your plots, take consolation – you’re getting the food to them that you intended when you planted the plot. If your plots are lust and pristine, beware – you may have set a pretty table filled with poor vittles.

Posted by Tecomate Wildlife Systems on 04/24 at 10:16 AM
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