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Tecomate Seed - Max Attract
by Tecomate Wildlife Systems

The classic for attraction and nutrition.
MAX ATTRACT with proprietary forage Oats, Triticale, Winter Peas, Clover and Chicory has it all in one bag. This mixture is time tested and proven to provide fall & winter attraction with spring nutrition. In the south, Max Attract is often used in a rotation with summer annuals like Lablab or Lablab Plus. In the Northeast and Midwest, it is often used in combination with Monster Mix to maximize production while establishing a perennial Clover/Chicory plot. The forage Oats and Triticale are both high in soluble sugars and do more than just attract deer, they provide bucks with energy during the rut. The Nutrigreen Winter Peas are an upgrade from the old Austrian Winter Pea with better production and palatability. We also use annual Clovers that establish quickly and provide nutrition for bucks to help them recover from the physical stress of the rut. Chicory provides plenty of attraction along with nutrition. Clovers and Chicory are coated with our proprietary Yellow Jacket seed coating containing Zeba. Max Attract is ideal for use in all zones.

• Amazing four-season production
• Attracts fall bucks like nothing else
• Explosive growth in fall
• Unprecedented mixture of premium seed
• Offers critical antler-growing phosphorous in spring
• Turkeys love it

Max Attract Planting Suggestions
1) Plant in a sunny location that has been disked to a clean, level and firm seedbed.
2) Tecomate recommends liming if the pH is below 5.8 and fertilizing with a balanced 13-13-13 fertilizer at the rate of 200 to 300 pounds per acre. Inoculating with Cowpea Inoculant will improve nitrogen fixation.
3) No-till drill, cultivate and broadcast or cultivate and drill seed. Plant at a rate of 40 pounds per acre. When broadcasting, cover seed by dragging or cultipacking. Plant ¼ inch deep in good moisture. Avoid planting too deep.
4) If planted in spring in northern zones, mow in late summer and fertilize in late August or early September.

Seed Content: Forage Oats, Triticale, Nutrigreen Winter Peas, Clover, Chicory
Planting Time: All Zones: Fall
Seeding Rate: 40 lbs./acre
Planting Depth: ¼ inch
Fertilizer: Use a balanced fertilizer such as 13-13-13 or similar and apply at 200 to 300 lbs./acre


Posted by Tecomate Wildlife Systems on 10/24 at 01:14 PM

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