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Tecomate Rut Report – MS – January 27, 2015

For most states across the country, this year’s deer season has already come to a dreadful end. However, for a few southern states deer hunting is still open for business. One of those is my home state of Mississippi. For those of us who hunt the Magnolia state, the season goes out at the end of this week. In the southern-most region of the state the season will be open until the middle of February.

With this in mind I took to the woods near my North Mississippi home this morning in pursuit of the “Big Ten”, the buck that has eluded me all season. This particular buck first showed up on my Reconyx cameras back in October. With no daylight pictures or sightings of any kind throughout the season it looked as if this big guy was going to be top of the hit list for next year. However, with the rut over, the bucks in particular seemed to be hitting the food plots harder than ever. My latest run of trail pictures showed the “Big Ten” feeding in one of the food plots up to the last minutes of darkness before he crawled back into the hole that he has been living in. With this in mind, and a favorable west wind, I circled wide around our two Tecomate food plots and slipped into my ladder stand before daylight. The stand was nestled in the middle of a thick pine plantation facing a long lane that dissected the thicket. Thanks to the Lord and to my surprise, the big buck showed up just after daylight crossing the lane. I quickly got him in my Leupold scope and let the Remington eat. What a long journey and even better reward. My biggest Mississippi buck to date, a 191Ž2 inch wide 150 inch brute.

Never quit, don’t give up, and finish your season as faithfully as you started. If you still have days left in the state that you hunt, stay diligent and you may be holding a buck of a lifetime also.

As always, Happy Hunting and God Bless,


Posted by Mark Newell on 01/27 at 11:09 AM
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