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Tecomate Rut Report – AL – January 12, 2015
by Tecomate Wildlife Systems

Well its now officially 2015 and for most of the hunters across the country the rut is just a distant memory as their weather turns bitter cold. But here in central Alabama, our weather is starting to cool off and bucks are beginning to show the signs of an imminent breeding season. Rubs and scrapes are popping up in travel corridors and bucks are starting to shadow does as they head to food sources and back into bedding areas in the morning.

I was fortunate enough to connect on just such a scenario yesterday morning at a public land bow only property in south Alabama. On only my second sit in this stand this season, I looked up at 6:30 am and saw a doe weaving through the clear-cut headed my way. I looked behind her and spotted this nice 9 point buck shadowing her, staying back about 50-60 yards. Finally, after a 10-minute stare down at a mere 20 yards from my stand, he turned broadside and I was able to arrow a nice public land buck. With the weather mild and wet over the next 10 days, I believe that the deer will start to bump and chase more intensely from the 17th-25th. I am very excited about the extended season as I believe it will give me a chance to hunt our Tecomate food plots and observe a larger portion of the rut, and maybe even a post rut for the first time.

Good luck to all hunters in the Southeast that still have their best hunting ahead of them!



Posted by Tecomate Wildlife Systems on 01/12 at 03:07 PM
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