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Strut Report – South TX – March 31, 2015
by Hardy Jackson

As predicted, the hunting this turkey season is hot and heavy right now in south Texas. Gobblers are everywhere and looking for love. The only issues you might encounter are hens, but sometimes (and I do mean sometimes), things go just as you plan them.

My wife Dani and I set up downwind of a big group of birds on their roost this morning and had an incredible hunt! With 5 gobblers in sight down a sendero, Dani's big three year old Tom sneaked in quietly; only giving himself away when he went to full strut so close you could almost feel it. Due to the wind, the big boy was about to continue on past us en route to the invisible hen he had been listening to, and Dani stopped him cold at around 10 steps.

With the others still a distance away and still hollering, we chose to just sit tight and keep on talking to them. Gradually another suitor came calling, and after a bit of coaxing and lots of gobbling, made his way into range, falling only a few yards from bachelor number one.
Gorgeous day, Great hunt, and all with my best huntin' buddy. Gotta love turkey season!

Good Hunting!



Posted by Hardy Jackson on 03/31 at 11:12 AM
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