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Horns-A-Plenty Testimonials
by Cedar Hills

"As a private wildlife consultant I have used mineral supplements before, but never have I found one that even comes close to yours on content, acceptability and durability when fed uncovered. I will highly recommend HORNS- A-PLENTY to my clients."

Jay Brown
Professional Wildlife Consultant
Greenwell Springs, LA.

Photo by Hardy Jackson"I feed HORNS-A-PLENTY year around on both of my ranches. We have noted a dramatic increase in the number of kicker points present on the racks, throughout all age classes of my deer, compared to the traditionally clean racks common to this area."
Jay Timmons
Timmons Ranches
Commercial Hunting Operation
Brownwood, TX.

We have been feeding HORNS-A-PLENTY for two years on Rancho El Mañana and our harvest records indicate a phenomenal increase in antler development on our deer. We are very pleased with your product and regard it an integral part of our management program."

Abraham Barrera DVM
Wildlife Biologist
Rancho El Mañana
Tamulipas, Mexico

"We distribute HORNS-A-PLENTY at 100 acre intervals on Temple-Eastex's 24,000 acre Boggy Slough Management Area and feel it is a very important part of our management program. The acceptance and utilization of HORNS-A-PLENTY by our deer has been outstanding."
Bill Goodrum
Don Dietz
Stan Cook
Resident Wildlife Biologists
Temple-Eastex Boggy Slough Mgmt. Area
Pollock, TX.

"We have been using your HORNS-A-PLENTY mineral mix for four years in our 15,000 acre Horse Lake Mesa Game Park on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation. We put out several tons each year for the 600-700 Rocky Mountain Elk that populate the park and the response has been excellent. The Elk readily use the supplement placed on the ground near all watering holes. We have noted a definite increase in the size and mass of antlers on our elk since we began using your product and would recommend it to anyone interested in increasing trophy quality. We recently began placing HORNS-A-PLENTY out for our wild mule-deer herd and are anxious to see their response. Thanks for a great product!"
Tom Watts
Wildlife and Fishery Specialist
Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation
Dulce, NM

"I strongly recommend the use of HORNS-A-PLENTY by hunting club members because it offers such a significant, easy, and cost efficient way for them to benefit their deer."
Tom Bourland
Timber Company Biologist
Shreveport, LA

"Proper levels of minerals are a necessary component of producing big, heavy racked whitetail deer. The use of additional minerals when managing for trophy whitetail deer should be used in conjunction with maintaining an older age class on your bucks, a well balanced sex ratio, and keeping the herd within the carrying capacity of the habitat. I have reviewed the HORNS-A-PLENTY analysis and in my opinion it will fulfill one of the requirements of producing trophy deer."
Charles Allen
Wildlife Biologist
Huntsville, TX

When it comes to minerals, we can significantly change the nutritional plane of whitetails economically. A properly designed and formulated mineral supplement, in granular form, will help and improve antler production in areas where the natural soil mineral condition is sub-par to that needed by whitetails."
Dr. James C. Kroll
Wildlife Biologist
Whitetail Deer Specialist
Nacogdoches, TX

"Research has shown that some of the calcium and phosphorus used during antler growth does not come directly from the forage being eaten by bucks. Instead, the deer draws on it's own skeleton, taking mineral from the ribs, legs, and even the skull to deposit in it's antlers. Therefore, it would be best for the deer to have access to supplemental mineral during all seasons of the year to help replenish the skeletal system's loss of vital minerals."
Bill Deauman
Wildlife Research Specialist
Crockett, TX

Whether used as part of a game management program on thousands of acres or on a small private farm; I feel the use of HORNS-A-PLENTY will help improve the general health and antler development in any deer herd. I strongly recommend its use to persons wanting quality deer."
John Frasier
Professional Wildlife Consultant
Nacogdoches, TX

Posted by Cedar Hills on 04/24 at 10:11 AM
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