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The Bucks of Tecomate - TV Show

imageEver Dream of Hunting BIG BUCKS?
If so, The Bucks of Tecomate TV show on the Outdoor Channel is for you! Join host David Morris, Dr. Gary Schwarz and Jordan Shipley along with Tecomate’s Pro Staff, every week as they take you across North America in search of giant bucks and reveal the secrets of the Tecomate Management System used to grow so many monster whitetails.

imageThis year promises to be an exciting season. The Tecomate team hunted throughout North America, from Colorado to Alabama and from Kansas to South Texas, and most points in-between. “We hunted our butts off. By the end of the season, which began in September in Kansas and ended in January in South Texas, all of us were as rundown as the post-rut bucks we were after,” said co-host David Morris.

Each show features three short segments – a management topic aimed at helping the hunter/manager be more successful in both growing and hunting big whitetails; a forum dealing with current controversial issues in hunting and management, and a segment showcasing BIG bucks with a story to tell – because in the end it’s all about the monster bucks.

The Bucks of Tecomate expands viewers’ perspectives about what is possible through serious, practical wildlife management and helps viewers realize their deer hunting dreams where they both live and hunt. Centered on the revolutionary Tecomate Food Plot Strategy, the show wraps this paradigm-shifting management information in a fast-paced, entertaining format. Each episode features a hunt and information about whitetail management, behavior and biology. But above all, The Bucks of Tecomate captures the appreciation and sense of stewardship, true sportsmen and managers have for the land and its wildlife.

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