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John Mulligan - Director of Marketing

John began hunting after college with a few friends in Kentucky. It didn’t take long for him to turn to bowhunting and challenges that came with it. Now, John looks at weather, scouting, food plots, and really learning about deer in their habitat.

He fell in love with the outdoor industry through photography and from the manufacturing side in the products used by hunters and outdoorsman. Having been one of the former owners of Wicked Tree Gear, he got to see first hand all facets of the business. Much like what he tries to capture with his photos, is the behind the scenes and what leads up to the hunt.

John also served as a police officer in Kentucky for 15 years and was able to leave that profession to pursue his passions in the outdoor industry where he has been able to meet so many great people and hunters who share the same goals and have the upmost respect for the animals we pursue.

In addition to being the Director of Marketing for Tecomate Holdings, John also owns a hunting web show, Arrow Wild TV. Much different than a traditional TV Show and the constraints that come with big production, they show the entire year leading up to the hunts and everything that goes into the sport and the traditions of chasing whitetails!

John has been married for 17+ years and has 3 great children, living in Iowa, right in the heart of the midwest. If he isn’t working, he will have a bow or camera in his hand.

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