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David Morris - Founder and Show Host

David Morris grew up hunting and fishing in South Alabama. His love for the outdoors led him to get a master's degree in biology from Auburn University, where he worked summers and holidays as a professional bass guide on nearby Lake Eufaula. After graduation, David founded Georgia's Burnt Pine Plantation, a 14,000-acre commercial whitetail hunting operation, and served as its managing partner for 20 years, during which time he developed one of the most intensive quality buck management programs in the South, allowing his clients to harvest nearly 2,000 bucks.

In 1976, David and his partners founded Game & Fish Publications and ultimately grew the company to include 33 state and regional hunting and fishing magazines covering all Lower 48 states plus North American Whitetail, the nation's premier deer-only magazine. He served as editor and executive publisher until stepping away from day-to-day duties in late 1990 to write and lecture on hunting and whitetail management under the company name of Venture Press.

David has written three books on whitetail hunting. His first book, Hunting Trophy Whitetails, is widely acclaimed as the most complete book ever written on the subject. His second book, Advanced Strategies for Trophy Whitetails, is one of the all-time best selling hunting books. In addition to his countless articles published in North American Whitetail and Game & Fish magazines, David's articles have appeared in Outdoor Life, Sports Afield, Field & Stream and several other magazines. Additionally, he has published four other whitetail books – Hunting the Four Periods of the Rut by Mr. Idol, Great Whitetail Hunts, Legendary Whitetails and World Record Whitetails by Gordon Whittington. David has a passion for big whitetails and has hunted them successfully throughout North America and has amassed one of the largest collections of personally harvested trophy whitetails in the country.

In 1992, David bought a small ranch western Montana, and in 1998, he purchased 3000-acre El Cazador Ranch in South Texas. Using Tecomate Food Plots as the core of an intensive management program, David began growing lots of huge whitetails. Today, El Cazador is recognized as one on the top trophy whitetail ranches in the country and has been the subject of many magazine articles, TV shows and research projects.

In 2000, David joined forces with food plot pioneer Dr. Gary Schwarz to form Tecomate Wildlife Systems, a company literally forced into existence by the big bucks Gary and David were growing. Tecomate went on to become one of the nation’s largest suppliers of wildlife management services and products, including Tecomate Seed and the famous food-plot planting machine, Plotmaster. Tecomate continues to help managers and hunters throughout the county realize their deer hunting dreams.

The success of the Tecomate Management System and El Cazador Ranch has given David the opportunity to be a regular on many outdoor TV shows, including Realtree Outdoors, The Management Advantage, Gander Mountain’s “We Live Outdoors,” The World of Hunting and many others. In 2007, David and Tecomate partner, comedian Jeff Foxworthy, began hosting Tecomate’s own hunting show, The Bucks of Tecomate, on Versus Network. In its first year, the show was Versus’ highest rated program, and one particular show had the highest ratings ever for the network. David and Jeff also host Versus Whitetail Challenge, for which Tecomate is the title sponsor. Additionally, David is a regular field host for Versus’ Dangerous Game TV show filmed mostly in Africa.

David’s career and accomplishments are not the most important things in his life. His personal relationship with his Lord Jesus Christ holds that place, along with his love for his wife, Debra, and his three daughters, who all share his passion for the outdoors.

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