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Monday, November 14, 2011
November Heat


The sweat was literally pouring down my face as I closed the distance to my tree stand in the predawn darkness.  Despite making the long walk at a slow pace, the 71 degree air temperature and high humidity were none forgiving.  By now my socks were soaked and despite walking in with my outerwear strapped to my backpack, my light-ware was now uncomfortably wet.  It was unfolding as one of those all too familiar Indian summer “sweat shop” hunts and being the scent freak that I am, I was quite honestly thinking about turning back for the truck.  I know this may sound like a September opener scenario but in truth, this was November 14, smack-dab in the middle of the rut.  I believe that was the only thing that kept my spirits up and focused on hopefully getting a crack at a great buck.

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Posted by Mali Vujanic on 11/14 at 05:06 AM
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