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Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Low Pressure Hunting - Part II

Don’t Break Routine
Deer are accustomed to the normal routine of a tract. If it’s a working farm or ranch, truck and equipment traffic is part of the everyday scene and causes deer little concern. Yet, they are very quick to notice and respond to a sudden increase in vehicle traffic and, certainly, foot traffic. When season opens, don’t suddenly start driving new parts of the place or seldom-used roads. Try to incorporate hunting access and activity into what would seem to deer to be routine ranch/farm traffic. On WHITETAIL’s Fort Perry Plantation, where trucks and tractors were always on the move, we drove our hunters directly to the blind and asked them to stay there, even if they shot a buck, until the vehicle returned to pick them up. If deer were bumped from the field or stand area, we wanted it to be from “routine” farm traffic, not the sudden appearance of people on foot, no matter how stealthy they could be. We didn’t loiter at the blind any longer than necessary. If possible, we even drove to the downed deer, usually at midday or after dark, to minimize foot traffic … and human scent.

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Posted by David Morris on 03/13 at 12:33 AM
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