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Hunting’s End Zone Straight Ahead for ‘Bucks of Tecomate’ Co-Host Jordan Shipley
by Tecomate Wildlife Systems

For casual observers, those in the Cotton Bowl and college football fans watching on television, things didn’t look good for Jordan Shipley and his University of Texas teammates on an October 2008 Saturday afternoon.

Undefeated and ranked fifth in the nation, Shipley’s Longhorns were already down by two scores to their arch rivals, the top ranked Oklahoma Sooners, in the annual Red River Rivalry grudge match in Dallas.

After surging ahead 14-3, the Sooners and head coach Bob Stoops prepared to kick off and bury Mack…

Gallagher Fencing:  The Secret Service of Food Plots
by Mali Vujanic

I live in a region of the north east USA (eastern shore of Maryland) that has a high deer population and despite management efforts to…

Why Food Plots?
by David Morris

Food Plots Have Become The Hot Topic In Deer Management, But Do Plots Really Work And How Do Plots Stack Up To Natural Habitat Management…

What is EHD/Blue Tongue?
by Terry Sedivec

Last fall I returned from a deer hunt in SW North Dakota where we were filming for Bucks of Tecomate. The location I was hunting…

by Dr. Mickey W. Hellickson

We had just rounded a curve on the ranch road when we noticed, at the same time, a huge-framed buck crossing a prickly pear flat…

Factory Ammunition Accuracy
by DArcyEchols

A question I am commonly asked from my clientele is “how accurate is the rifle you are building me going to be when using factory…

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You need to establish mineral stations on your property (in high-traffic areas) so bucks will get use to them and will utilize them whenever they start growing their antlers.
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