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Featured Article

My 2013 Tennessee Turkey Tales
by Mark Newell

Gobbler #1 March 30
My Tennessee turkey season started off this year in McNairy County near Selmer. Nothing was going to stop me from missing the Volunteer state’s season opener. Not even the 1.5 hour early morning trip I had to make through the rain and very dense fog could deter me. For the past 2 weeks or so Mr. Latch, the land owner, had been watching turkeys on his place and in the agricultural fields that bordered his property. “There are more turkeys around here than I’ve…

Tecomate Articles

Gallagher Fencing:  The Secret Service of Food Plots
by Mali Vujanic

I live in a region of the north east USA (eastern shore of Maryland) that has a high deer population and despite management efforts to the best of our ability our regional deer population is…

Factory Ammunition Accuracy
by DArcyEchols

A question I am commonly asked from my clientele is “how accurate is the rifle you are building me going to be when using factory ammunition?” My reply for decades has always been very consistent…

Why Food Plots?
by David Morris

Food Plots Have Become The Hot Topic In Deer Management, But Do Plots Really Work And How Do Plots Stack Up To Natural Habitat Management And Direct Feeding? Let’s See.

The latest…


Man to Man Devotionals

Limitations Part 1: Adequate Nutrition
by Mark Newell

Here at Tecomate we have always stressed the importance in year round nutrition for your deer herd. The biology is simple, the more nutrition a buck gets, the chances are greater in that buck reaching his full genetic potential. I know in the South one of the limiting factors in deer that cause smaller bucks, compared…


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