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Shed Antler Hunting - Part I
by Dr. Mickey W. Hellickson

As soon as I noticed the sun glare off the tip of the antler tine, I knew which buck had shed the antler that lay on the deer trail in front of me.  It was the right side shed antler from a buck I had passed the previous fall with bow and arrow in hand, as well as a buck for which we had dozens of trail camera photos.  He was the largest buck on our Iowa property that we knew survived the previous hunting season.  And…

by Bowen Slade

Tecomate’s tried and true Deer Pea Plus is a proven winner in summer nutrition for your deer herd. This great…

Successful Warm Season Food Plots - Part II
by Blaine Burley

Last week we discussed the importance of having warm season food plots in your management program; and determining which plot size is best to support…

What is EHD/Blue Tongue?
by Terry Sedivec

Last fall I returned from a deer hunt in SW North Dakota where we were filming for Bucks of Tecomate. The location I was hunting…

Modern Muzzleloading for Big Whitetails
by Blaine Burley

Muzzleloading has come a LONG way in the past 20 years.  I can remember my very first muzzleloader - an old 45-caliber with a rabbit-ear…

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Tip #27 – Where to Hunt When it’s Hot

Early Bow season in the south can be EXTREMELY hot, be sure to deer hunt your watering holes or creeks.


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