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Tecomate Seed - FROST ZONE™
by Tecomate Wildlife Systems

Frost seeded plots that last for years.
FROST ZONE can last 2-5 years and contains our proprietary high sugar Perennial Grass, White Clover and Chicory. Tecomate developed this product after receiving countless requests for a product that would not require tillage. Frost Zone answers the call as the highest quality, most innovative mixture of its kind. Developed specifically for the Northeast and Midwest, all varieties are cold tolerant and have been field tested by our regional agronomists and biologists as suitable for frost seeding - a method that requires only a broadcast seeder and frozen ground. The thawing effect will take the seed into the soil until the soil temperature warms enough for the seeds to naturally germinate in the spring. This proven technique is the best way to establish a food plot without soil preparation. The Perennial grass establishes quickly and provides palatable forage high in soluble sugars throughout the spring, summer and fall. The proprietary White Clover is an excellent source of highly digestible protein that provides nutrition and attraction. Chicory balances the diet and aids the rumen. The Clover and Chicory have been coated with Yellow Jacket seed coating containing Zeba. Frost Zone is ideal for zones 1 & 2.

• Can be frost seeded or conventionally planted
• Perennial plants come back for years
• Works exceptionally well on small plots
• Survives extreme cold
• Formulated specifically for northern zones

Frost Zone Planting Suggestions
Broadcast seeds at a rate of 16 pounds per acre onto bare ground or into existing vegetation and allow Mother Nature to assist you by pulling the seeds to their necessary seeding depth. You can expect to see growth shortly after the spring thaw. Fertilize in early spring with a balanced 13-13-13 fertilizer at the rate of 200 to 300 pounds per acre. Clip in summer to thicken plot.

No-till drill, cultivate and broadcast or cultivate and drill seed. Plant into a clean, level and firm seedbed at a rate of 4 pounds per acre. Tecomate recommends liming if the pH is below 6.5. When broadcasting, cover seed by dragging or cultipacking. Plant 1/8 to ¼ inch deep in good moisture. Avoid planting too deep.

Seed Content: High-Sugar Perennial Grass, White Clover, Chicory
Frost Seeding: Zone 1: Winter (Feb15 - March 5)
Zone 2: Winter (Jan 20 - Feb 15)
Planting Time: Zone 1 & 2: Spring or Fall
Zone 3 & 4: Fall
Seeding Rate: 4 lbs./acre traditional; 16 lbs./acre frost seeding
Planting Depth: ½ inch
Fertilizer: Use a balanced fertilizer such as 13-13-13 or similar and apply at 200 to 300 lbs./acre


Posted by Tecomate Wildlife Systems on 10/24 at 01:13 PM

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