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Tecomate Rut Report – NORTH EAST US – October 22, 2013
by Mali Vujanic

As we enter the last week in October, things are changing big time. And considering the north east has entered a fast cold snap, things will change fast!

Right now mature bucks are getting on their feet but still primarily under the cover of darkness. Rubs and scrapes are popping up all over and you will notice those field edge scrapes are getting torn deeper. Young, immature bucks between 1.5 thru 3.5 years of age are already bumping does around and this is normal. As we approach the end of the month look for more mature bucks making their presence known at the edge of darkness and at first light. We are just a couple weeks away from the big show...dont blink because it will be gone before we know what hit us! Keep monitoring your field edge scrape trail cameras...they are our spies!

Mali Vujanic / President
Outdoor Essentials, LLC
Tecomate Associate Consultant

Posted by Mali Vujanic on 10/22 at 10:40 AM
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