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Final step to Improving Nutrition!
by Tecomate Wildlife Systems

Lastly, food plots. Nothing has the potential to improve the nutritional plane like serious food plots. Deer view food plots as a browse mecca and will readily shift their feeding from native browse to high-quality food plots. Under serious food-plot programs that provide abundant year-round nutrition, we’ve seen food-plot forage make up as much as 70% of the deer’s diet…on good native habitat! When you substitute relatively low-quality native browse with loads of high-nutrition food-plot plants, the results on deer numbers and size can be nothing short of amazing…without damaging…

The Perfect, Private, and Plain Hunting Plot
by Mark Newell

One late afternoon in central Mississippi I was sitting in one of my favorite food plots hidden deep in the pine jungles of leased timber…

Sainfoin: Is a “new” forage crop for deer on the horizon?
by Jason Snavely

As a private wildlife consultant I’ve always felt that my true value to clients resides in my ability to serve as a resource on all…

Return To Natural
by David Morris

Recently, a frustrated hunter called to bemoan his lack of success, and in the course of his moanings, he said to me, “If you had…

An American Hero
by Scott Railey

On a cold February morning in the early ‘90’s, I was shooting sporting clays in Tampa, Florida.  A cold rain ran us into a metal…

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Man to Man Devotionals

Brand-marks of Jesus
by David Morris

Galatians 6: 17: “…I bear on my body the brand-marks of Jesus.”

After midnight and we were still tracking the wounded buck. A friend had shot the big 10-pointer seven hours earlier. We thought he’d be down close. He wasn’t and we pressed on, even though the hunter had come off without his rifle.…...read on...


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Tip #23 - Don’t Give Up if the Turkeys Aren’t Talking

If the turkeys aren’t gobbling, don’t give up and head for the house. 

Get comfortable in an area where you know turkeys frequent, put out a lone hen decoy, sit still and call softly every 20-30 minutes. 

There’s a good chance an old long beard will slip in on you without saying a word, and you’ll be there waiting with a load of #5’s for him!


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