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Welcome to Tecomate Properties. You have come to the right place for all your recreational property needs. Whether you are searching for that special
whitetail property, need help selling your property or are looking for an investment opportunity, Tecomate has you covered.

Tecomate is not your ordinary land company. We live the outdoor lifestyle and share this experience with every client, backed by a team of skilled professionals ready to help buyers and sellers every step of the way.

We offer three types of properties for sale, each with its own special qualities. Our Signature and Showcase Properties either have or are planned to have Tecomate Wildlife System improvements, while Featured Properties have potential that could be realized through our improvements.

Tecomate PropertiesTecomate Signature Properties
Special, high-potential properties that bear the Tecomate “fingerprint” because the Tecomate Management System has been implemented, with improvements specially designed to maximize the property’s potential for hunting and other recreational activities.

Tecomate PropertiesShowcase Properties
Property with excellent recreational qualities and potential, complete with a detailed on-site assessment and recommended management plan done by Tecomate biologists and land professionals.

Tecomate PropertiesTecomate Featured Properties
Quality recreational properties with unique characteristics and/or amenities. These properties have potential that can be realized through improvements, but the Tecomate management system has not been designed or implemented for the property.

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