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Dr. Mickey W. Hellickson, Ph.D. - Tecomate Associate Consultant

Dr. Mickey W. Hellickson is originally from Iowa, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology from Iowa State University in 1988. Later that fall, he moved to south Texas to pursue a Masters Degree from Texas A&I University in Range and Wildlife Management, which he completed in 1991. His M.S. research focused on deer carrying capacity and the impacts of coyotes on mature bucks. Mick then began work toward a Ph.D. Degree in Wildlife Management and Forest Resources from The University of Georgia, which he completed during summer 2002. Mick’s dissertation focused on the movement
patterns and activity rates of 125 different-aged radio-collared bucks that he monitored for three continuous years on a large ranch in south Texas.

Mick worked as a Wildlife Research Scientist at the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute (CKWRI) for one year prior to becoming the Chief Wildlife Biologist for King Ranch in 1999. After 12 years with King Ranch, Mickey changed careers during spring 2010 becoming a full-time wildlife management consultant, founding the company Orion Wildlife Management Services. He now serves 45 clients in south Texas and throughout the U.S. helping to manage
over 300,000 acres of wildlife habitat.

Mick continues to serve as an adjunct professor at CKWRI where he is a co-investigator on the South Texas Buck Capture Project - a long-term, large-scale research project initiated in 1998 and involving the capture of more than 5,000 wild bucks in south Texas to date. In 2004 he won the Texas Chapter of the Wildlife Society Publication Award and in 2006 he won the Al Brothers Professional Deer Manager of the Year Award from the Quality Deer Management Association. Mick was appointed by Texas Governor Rick Perry to serve on the Texas White-tailed Deer Advisory Committee beginning in 2007.

Mick is an internationally recognized expert on white-tailed deer and has given well over 100 public presentations throughout the eastern and central U.S. and northern Mexico. He has authored or co-authored nearly one dozen scientific publications, eight book chapters, and over 100 popular articles. He is a staff writer for The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunter and past contributor to Quality Whitetails and Deer and Deer Hunting. His research background and management interests have focused on white-tailed deer. He is an avid outdoorsman and has hunted big game on three continents.

South Texas Helicopter Deer Surveys - Dr. Mick Hellickson, TAC
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