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David Shashy - Pro Staff

I`m David Shashy, 52, from Ocala, Florida. I am a lifelong resident and native of wild, wonderful Central Florida, where I enjoy hunting whitetails, Osceola wild turkeys, and other native species that reside here. I took my first whitetail buck at age 14, a spike, in November of 1972 while hunting with my cousin Sam, who shares responsibility for my whitetail addiction. God Bless him. Without cousin Sam`s help I may never have sat in that balmy pre-dawn cypress swamp on November 11, 1972, waiting to experience my first case of "buck fever.”

I have evolved through many stages as a hunter over the last 40 years. I have hunted a multitude of big game species on three continents, and hopefully a fourth soon as I prepare to leave for an Australian water buffalo safari in August 2011. I am not a biologist. Nor am I a hunting expert (except perhaps in matters pertaining to the pursuit of wild gobblers in the spring). I possess no particular talent or technique that is sure fire whitetail fodder. I am certainly experienced, practiced, and still as likely to fall apart in the presence of a trophy whitetail as I was in November of 1972. Big whitetails shake me up like no other game animal on earth.

There is one aspect of the whitetail lifestyle in which I excel. That is the enjoyment of the hunt along with the people and places that make our sport possible. Win, lose, or draw there is no better way to spend a fall day than in good whitetail country while in the company of friends. My most impressive trophies, the ones that really matter, are lasting friendships that I have been fortunate to bag during my 40 years chasing whitetail bucks. Friendships have made me successful in the trophy whitetail pursuit. Friends first, inches of antler later!

My wife Angie and I were blessed with twin boys, Ben and Dan, in February of 2008. Angie and I were both 49 years old at the time. Ben and Dan, our first children, are now 3 years old. Now that's a challenge! Our best and most enjoyable challenge! Looks like I may have two new hunting buddies on my hands soon. Both Ben and Dan have shown an early interest in wildlife and the outdoors.

I will share my experiences with you as a member of the Tecomate Pro Staff. I look forward to contributing to the mission of Tecomate in the ways that I am able. My association with Tecomate is an honor and a privilege! Good hunting!

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