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Bowen Slade - Tecomate Accounts Manager

I grew up in central Alabama and began hunting around the age of 15. Since then, my passion for bow hunting whitetails has only grown with each passing season.

I graduated from Auburn University and now live in Mobile, AL where I own and operate Feral Hog Solutions. Feral Hog Solutions is a full service hog trapping and control company utilizing the latest Wireless Trap technology and military-grade thermal weapons systems to help farmers and landowners remove wild hogs from their properties.

Over the last decade, I have been fortunate enough to pursue various game animals across the country and Canada. But the heart and soul of my hunting knowledge was born and developed hunting elusive bucks and crafty eastern gobblers here in my home state of Alabama.

Joining the Tecomate team in 2013, I am now able to combine my passion of hunting whitetails with my career and look forward to many successful seasons afield in the future.

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