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Andy Weichers - Tecomate Accounts Manager

Andy Weichers was born and raised in Northern Iowa where hunting was just part of life.

As a child Andy followed along with his father’s passion of waterfowl hunting until age 13 when he got into a tree stand for the first time. From that moment on Andy’s focus was to become the best whitetail hunter he could be. After many years of studying, scouting, reading and hunting, Andy started to get more involved in the outdoor industry, beginning with an archery shop.

While managing the archery shop Andy purchased his first video camera and Campfire Stories began. Campfire started as a group of guys filming to make a family DVD but less than year later, Campfire Stories had become a national TV show. Andy truly feels blessed that his passion for whitetails has led to a great career that allows him to talk hunting daily and to pass on the knowledge he has gathered over the years.

Andy is happily married to Amanda, and together they have 2 children, Beau and Delaney.

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